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Sack Lifting

Sack Lifters & Bag Lifters

MDP Handling's range of Vacuum Sack Lifters can be used to overcome the majority of manual sack handling operations. A variety of different material sack including, paper, plastic and even hessian, can be lifted by a single operator controlled system.

The almost effortless and quick response time of the vacuum sack lifting system, will allow operators to consistently lift 4 - 6 sacks a minute until the job requirements have been fulfilled.

As options, the inclusion of a 'universal joint' will allow sacks to be lifted from a pallet to load an inclined conveyor belt, whilst a mechanical type gripper can also be supplied to handle open mouth and hessian type sacks. 


You can read more about our vacuum sack lifter and other vacuum lifting options on our Blog site... vacuum sack lifters






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