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Air Balancer

Air Balancers

Air Balancers are meeting the needs of materials handling applications requiring an ergonomic lift assist that interacts with the operators needs. As a dynamic balancing machine, the pneumatic balancer becomes a significantly useful solution to many manual handling tasks requiring precise, strain free positioning.

Using a pendant controlled unit the air balancer hoist can be used for simple payload hoisting processes of varying weights - with energy costs up to 50 times less than a conventional air hoist. MDP Handling also uses integrated designs to build the pendant in to more complex control stations if required by the manual handling task.

An additional feature of a pneumatic balancer is the ability to create a virtually weightless or zero gravity effect on the product, which in turn allows the operator to manipulate the product with minimal effort, e.g. as a tool balancer. The use of small type vacuum ejectors in combination with an air balancer can provide an ideal system for the handling of automotive panels, glass and many other non-porous/ semi-porous products.

To find out how pneumatic air balancers can be used to help solve your manual handling issues, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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